The cutest little house on the block

It's proving to be a challenging week in our household. I won't bore you with the details, but it's suffice to say my mantra of the week is 'calm, calm, calm'. And in keeping with my mantra, I thought I would show you this adorable house. It actually looks like an old mill. I just look at it and think how calm and delightful it looks, just nestled there against the lake.

I'm imagining that behind the house it has a little grassed area, like this below.

And there'd be some sort of deck, where you could just sick back with a cool drink and soak up that calming view.

You can't have an amazing view without an eating area - on a sheltered side of the house, filled with comfortable seating and potted flowers.

There'd be yummy things to eat and drink, all close at hand.

Maybe even a lounging area.

Ahh, now I'm feeling a little better!
I hope that if you are having a hectic week, these pictures give you a little holiday too.

Best wishes,

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