Silver lining

My eye is always drawn to anything silver. I love this picture above - the silver of the mirror, the mercury candlesticks, the tea lights and baubles - all twinkling in the candlelight. It just makes me sigh.

I love the real silver of these candlesticks below, although I wouldn't relish cleaning them. I have a real silver box in my bedroom for my jewellry that needs a regular clean and that's enough for me!

This collection of vases, trophies, bowls and pedestal stands is captivating!

I also love mercury glass - the so-called 'poor man's silver'.

And not just candlesticks. I would love to get some of these little cups, but haven't been able to find any yet.

I also love the silver metal of this gorgeous Moroccan lantern, and the silver of the metal platter.

More gorgeous metal platters. I spied a really beautiful one in a shop just recently - however it was $180, so I put it down - slowly.

I love this mercury pendant - I can picture three over a kitchen bench in a country style all-white kitchen.

I love the silver leaf treatment on this lovely, feminine chair.

My perfect kitchen would include lashings of stainless steel - lightfittings, dishwasher, stove, fridge, drawer pulls and cupboard handles.

And it would have lots of 'silver' accessories.

Even the sweet, humble silver of galvanised iron wins me over!

Anything silver just attracts my magpie eye - whether that be 'real' silver, metal, stainless steel, chrome, mercury glass, pewter - I love love love it all! Astrologically speaking, I'm a cancerian and cancer's colours are supposed to be 'white and silver' - yep, that's me! I even have silver velvet cushions on my bed (see top right hand corner of this blog for image).

I'm on the hunt for some mercury candlesticks. I have one in my bedroom but would like a little collection. I'm having difficulty finding any where I live, so I'm thinking of ordering some through Cox and Cox, the most divine UK store - which delivers to Australia. Yay!

Happy day to you all.

Best wishes,

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