Miracle: boy tidies room

With a little bit of help from me, my son tidied up his room, organised toys and removed the things he's outgrown. He has such a tiny little room, and he needs to make space for the new toys that will no doubt be arriving on December 25.

It hasn't been this tidy in a loooooong time, so I needed pictorial evidence that this room has been clean. Wish I could edit out the ugly brick wall view he has. I've been meaning to grow up climber up it or do something to make it look slightly less of an eyesore.

Being a terribly sentimental mum, I couldn't resist framing my son's first ever pair of shoes....so adorable. I teamed them with his great grandfather's baby spoon. No doubt this framed piece will embarrass him soon and I will have to take it down and hide it somewhere, but for the moment he's happy to have it on display.

The framed shoes get a little lost on this wall so I'd like to move them to another smaller wall and put up a big framed pin up board in its place, but I've yet to find one I like.

I had this bookcase made to my specifications - deep enough to hold baskets for all the items that a boy seems to collect along the way. Usually you can't see the top of this bookcase because it is covered in stuff....school work, lolly wrappers, rocks, you name it!

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