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For as long as I can remember, I have adored plantation shutters. At one time they used to be as rare as hen's teeth here in Australia, but these days they are becoming more common, particularly in lovely old classic homes.

I've always thought of white when thinking of plantation shutters, but they also look smart in black, or sophisticated in a soft grey colour.

Images 1 scanned from Australian Better Homes and Gardens 2 scanned from Australian Home Beautiful 3 Coastal Living 4 Maree Homer 5 via Harmony and Home 6 scanned from Australian Country Style 7 Country Living 8 scanned from Australian Better Homes and Gardens

I really love the classic, elegant look of plantation shutters. They look fantastic in almost any style of home.

In my first home I had a big bay of three tall arched windows in the front of my house and I had white plantation shutters custom made. They cost a bomb, but they were worth it! Then when I became newly single I bought a home of my own so I couldn't afford custom shutters. But I was determined to still have my shutters for my bedroom, which faces the street, so I bought them in kit form and sanded, painted and assembled them myself. That was hard work! Four years down the track I'm (almost) ready to go again - this time for my son's room and our study. Think I'll wait til the weather warms up so I can sand outside though....

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