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I've fallen in love with the work of Taryn Leibowitz and Tamie McLachlan, partners in the design firm Leibowitz and McLachlan.

I'm way behind the times because Desire to Inspire featured this Sydney duo way back in October 2007, while Blair from Delight by Design and Erin from Designs 4 Living featured them earlier this year.

And now these talented designers have hit the big time, with a feature in the US magazine Interiors, including the front cover.

And their moment in the sun is warranted, as their work is absolutely beautiful.

I have loved every image I've seen so far of their work. Their look is classic, yet fresh. Sophisticated but comfortable. I love the colours too - lashings of white, dark dark wooden floors and lots of punches of dark neutrals.

Their bathrooms are magnificent. Lots of beautiful marble or travertine, warmed up with fabulous details like antique mirrors and perfume bottles, and fluffy white towells.

They have a great eye for texture, and I love their blend of antiques and new pieces.

This zinc coffee table is fantastic.

I love this room - very beachy and laid back, but still sophisticated. You could put your feet up here.

Squidgy couches and a classic white kitchen, what more could you ask for.

Love the texture of this pendant against the cool, smooth white marble.

There's lots of lovely little details everywhere, adding warmth and interest.

I have looked everywhere in Adelaide for chairs like these below! I would love one for my study and one on each end of my dining table.

Outdoor areas are equally beautiful.

I find these designers so inspiring. I can't wait to see what other wonderful homes they create in the future.

All images from Leibowitz and McLachlan, Desire to Inspire, Delight by Design, Designs 4 Living and Content Agency.

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