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I've had this little post tucked under my belt for quite a while now, waiting for the perfect moment to bring it out. And as Mondays can sometimes be a bit of a blah day, I thought I would brighten this day (for me at least, and hopefully you too) with a post about my LOVE for metal!

When I look around my home, I see metal everywhere....from my metal kitchen canisters on my counter the metal of my dining chair legs...I have metal lanterns, metal framed mirrors, metal letters.... it's everywhere!

I can't even explain why I love it so. I guess I just like the contrast of hard and soft, and metal objects often have quite strong, simple, architectural lines which appeal to my eye. Even the colours of metals - browns, greys, silvers, blacks - steal my heart. And there's a utilitarian honesty about metal - it's as much as home in a workshop or garage as it is in the living room.

So here you have it, some of my favourite metal things!

I adore this vintage metal factory chair and table....

This next image is one big metal festival - tolix chair, lovely little metal cafe table, planter, even metal letters! What's not to love?

I don't know how comfortable they'd be, but I'm loving these outdoor chairs. They'd look equally home inside I think.

Adore this little metal folding table, including it's soft grey colour and gently curving legs.

Love the utilitarian look of these vintage metal beds.

Even old metal drums can look beautiful in the right setting.

And this fabulous metal trolley would look brilliant in a vintage style bathroom.

Even stools look fabulous in metal. These would look great pulled up to a kitchen island.

But it's not just metal furniture that I love. Quite simply, almost anything in metal catches my eye!

Ok, I've cured the Monday blahs for myself, and if you've got the Monday blahs I hope it's helped you a tiny bit too.

If you are craving more metal, check out Jeanne d'Arc Living for lots more metal loveliness.

Best wishes,

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