Kitchen dreams

It's true, I have a perfectly serviceable kitchen. It's clean, it's new, it's practical. I appreciate it. I've cooked a lot of nice meals in it (and a few duds!). But it's not a kitchen that says 'wow'. Here it is, my little piece of domestica (below).

But you can't blame me for dreaming just a little....of the day when I meet Mr Right, and we decide that we need a bigger house, with a bigger kitchen....for us and our beautifully behaved children.

So of course, my starting point would have to be the white, classic Somethings Gotta Give kitchen, but that goes without saying right? And really, why stop there?

There'd be cupboards with glass on the top, like these below.

Or these glass faced cupboards. And a red Kitchenaid mixer, without a doubt.

There'd be three beautiful lamps hanging over my benchtop, looking like this one below.

Or these.

I've just got to have a window over looking the sink, and the taps would be brushed silver.

I'd also have brushed silver drawer pulls.

There'd be a really wide, stainless silver oven, top of the line quality of course.

I'd put baskets on top of the cupboards.

I'd add some antique elements, such as an old scale like this below (and look, there's the red Kitchenaid mixer again!)

Or I'd pop in an unusual element, like these old fridge door hinges on my massive kitchen bench.

There'd be rustic wooden stools, so my guests can pull up a pew while I'm stirring the risotto.
The front of the cupboards would be panelled like these ones below.

There'd be a statement-making rangehood, and beautiful dark - really dark - wooden floors.

The floorboards would be wide, and recycled - proudly showings their signs of wear and tear.

I'd maybe add some wording across the splashback tiles.

And the benchtops would be stone, in a soft muted earthy colour.

Not too much to ask for is it?
In the meantime, I'm still pretty happy with what I've got. There's a lovely vegetable and lentil soup bubbling on the stove right now, just perfect for a cold night.
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