Cutting edge style

William Morris famously said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
One of my favourite things is when form meets function to create an object that is beautiful and useful at the same time. I'm the tragic kind of person who oohs and ahhs over a lovely pair of oven mits, a stylish set of glass jars in a pantry, or a even a well designed ironing board cover! I just love the elevation of an everyday item into a thing of beauty.

So that must be why I have a 'thing' for beautiful scissors - they are an ordinary thing you use that can also be lovely. I keep seeing these great images of scissors that I just have to save and store.

I've bought my own pair of scissors that I think are beautiful (below). So much lovelier than a cheap plastic pair, but they weren't expensive. In the image below I've put them on top of some fabric I've bought for a little craft project I'm working on with my son for his bedroom....more about that another day.

Whenever I'm out on one of my trawls around auctions and second hand shops, I keep my eye out for beautiful pairs of vintage scissors. I have yet to find any that I really like, but I would love to start a little collection.

Images 1 Eva Lindh 2 Sletvoll 3 Paul Massey 4 Marie Claire Idees 5 Baileys Home and Garden 6 The Bedlam of Beefy 7 fffound via Brabourne Farm 8 Atlanta Bartlett 9 me 10 flickr

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