Fabulous Fabric Finds!

Now don't get me wrong, I have some fabulous friends, who I cherish. But I've really bonded with my friend Fiona over our shared love of decorating our homes and doing 'crafty things'.

Lovely Fiona has now offered to make me a quilt, and I'm ecstatic, as I've long admired her beautiful quilt. I love the deep navy colours and the slight japanese feel.

And it will come just in time for winter. Lots of snuggling up under our quilt coming up!

I'll be chosing red fabrics, to go with the red touches in my living area.

The only dilemma has been finding the fabrics. Nothing that I've seen in the fabric shops has floated my boat, while the interior design shops fabrics were mostly too expensive for a simple quilt.

So fab Fiona came to the party and suggested some fabulous on line fabrics stores. And all reasonable prices!

Here's some of the fabrics I like, in no particular order.

So I've got some choosing to do! The trick will be chosing the right reds and not having things too clashy.

I also saw some absolutely beautiful blue fabrics......

I really love all the blue fabrics, probably more so than the red actually. But all my other accents are red. Decisions decisions!
Best wishes,

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