How to add warmth to your home

Maybe it's not so fashionable these days, but I still love the look of rough, battered, textured wood.

I think a touch of wood can really 'ground' a room.

I don't have a single room in my house that doesn't have something in warm, earthy wood.

Painted furniture is popular, and I like that too, but I couldn't have everything painted, sometimes you have to let the true beauty of the wood shine through.

I think wood looks particarly good teamed with white.

Wood also looks fabulous teamed with other textures.

I think the colour and texture of wood adds a warmth to a room like no other.

Wood that is old, battered and scratched appeals to me most, for its sense of history.

My favourite 'wood' picture.

I like the raw, scrubbed sort of look as opposed to highly polished and glossly.

Fashions come and go, but in my opinion, nothing makes a room look comforting and warm like wood.

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