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Julia of Hooked on Houses did a post recently, called 10 ways to a happy home.  It really resonated with me, so much so that I thought I would repeat Julia’s words, with my thoughts and some pictures I thought were appropriate.

1. Stop resenting what your house isn’t and start appreciating what it is. There is always something to be thankful for!

I can’t say I’ve ever resented my house – ever. But there are times when I feel a little dissatisfied – it’s not big enough, it doesn’t have any character (unlike this little beauty, below), the kitchen’s not my dream, blah blah blah. But the reality is, my home is my haven and I love it.


2. Respect it enough not to clutter it up with things you don’t really like or need.

open plan living simon kenny content

This is something I really live by – only things of beauty (in my eye anyway) are out in view, everything else gets tucked away in a cupboard, drawer or robe. And if I don’t use it, I give it away to charity – I clean out regularly. It’s like being your own editor, constantly picking and choosing for your home, deciding what is on display and what’s not.

3. Have a comfortable chair in a quiet corner where you can read and recharge.

impressionen blue chair

Well, I’ve got my couches, but would love an elegant chair like this in my bedroom!

4. Turn the TV off and your favourite music on.

music maggy B.

 I like to blog or read with some nice music in the background occasionally, but then again I have to admit I also find it comforting having the tv on when I’m on my own.

5. Keep fresh flowers on your kitchen windowsill in glass jars or bud vases.

detergent bottle

I don’t have a windowsill in my kitchen, but my dream kitchen does have a window over the sink, and when I get it, I’ll have some flowers or herbs on the sill, most definitely!

6. Try eating dinner by candlelight, with music, for no special reason. And use your best dishes.

 krakvik&d'orazio via desire to inspire

Ok, I don’t do this often enough, I know. This is a kick up the bum for me to do it more often!  

7. Create character where there isn’t any–crown moulding works wonders!

reclaimed doors

 Ok, no picture of crown mouldings, but I do love the character that these recycled old doors add to this newly built home.

8. Surround yourself with your favourite “happy colours,” whether they’re trendy or not.

 room set up via camilla at home

I think this is so true. Who cares if yellow is all the rage?  Live with what you love. For me that is always white, with wood tones and sandy neutrals with the odd pop of colour here and there. 

9. Display something from your childhood that you treasure.


I’m a sentimental type, so I totally agreed with this bit of advice. Above are my son’s first pair of shoes, coupled with my grandfather’s baby spoon.

10. Don’t try to replicate the look of a model home. Strive to create spaces that exude warmth, love, comfort, and peace.

white painted vintage chair paul massey

I think this is such great advice. To me, the most beautiful places aren’t those where it looks like everything was ordered from the same store on the same day, or where everything is the height of fashion. I love places that grow over time, that are filled with calm and serenity, and that are the product of ingenuity and creativity rather than an unlimited budget.

So thanks Julia, love your advice, it was great food for thought.

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Best wishes,

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