Little snapshots of my home

Phewee! It reached something like 41 degrees today (106 degrees F). Hot hot hot. Thank goodness for airconditioning. As Millie from the Laurel Hedge said, it is going to stay like this pretty much all week here in Adelaide, so I will be going into hibernation!

Today I thought I would show you the shells I have in my home. I like shells. In fact, I love shells. Maybe I'm even a little obsessed by be the judge....

Here is a collection of bleached shells. I love their pristine, white beauty. I've grouped a mix of shell types together on an antique pewter plate

Here's more bleached shells, in a glass jar. I love the particular shape of these ones

One single conch shell is all you need when it is this big

Various shells mixed in with some scented candles in a rustic wooden bowl. It looks lovely lit up at night.

Another cluster of shells in a wooden pedestal. I love all the colours, textures and patterns of these particular shells, all jumbled together

Polished, pearl-like shells in my bathroom against my tumbled marble feature mosaics

Another polished shell, this time in the hallway. When they are this big, all you need is one for impact

And another in my bedroom

Oh and lastly, one in my living room

So if you haven't guessed by now, shells are a passion! I have them in just about every room in my house. Most of them I have bought on various holidays in Queensland, so not only do I find them beautiful to look at, but they also remind me of special times in lovely places. Some of my smaller ones in my pedestal bowl I was lucky enough to find along beaches in Adelaide, especially my favourite beach at Port Willunga.

Thank you for taking the time to view these little snapshots of my home.

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