Cool me down now

I'm feeling kind of wilted at the moment. You see, we've had the hottest day here in Adelaide in 70 years, reaching a blistering 45.5 degrees Celsius (113.9 f). Even the airconditioning is struggling. We are not alone - the state of Victoria is sweltering too. So what else to do but look at some fabulous pictures to divert my attention?

How glamorous is this place? Love the white curtains billowing in the cool breeze, ahhh

More billowy white curtains. Waiter please bring me a lemon lime and bitters while I recline on this seat with a good book

And divine is this...think I might go for a cooling dip

Although this little poolhouse with its day bed is rather lovely too, and so close to the pool...

You can never go past a pool that melts into the horizon, especially when the horizon is as good as this...

All this gliding through the pool has left me a little tired, so I think I'll take a nap now, here

or here.

Ok, I'm feeling a little cooler now. Hope you are feeling comfortable, where ever you happen to be in this world.

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