Wishing you a rusty Christmas

I love things that are old and battered and well loved. They add character to a home. So I think that's why I have a love of all things rusty - they look time worn and earthy, even if it they are simply manufactured just to look that way. I have a few rusty things in my home, so one day I'll do a post on them. But in the meantime, here's a bunch of cute Christmas decorations, all rusty. I haven't come across anything like this in the shops near me, so if you live in Adelaide and know of any shops that stocks stuff like this, please let me know! I guess I could get all crafty and paint some things with oxidising paint.

Here's the cutest little advent calendar....little buckets all lined up in a row. Image from Boxwood

And an almost identical find from Aspen and Brown . I can't decide which one I like better.
The simple words 'Noel' would make a lovely, simple Christmassy addition to your home, resting on a mantelpiece perhaps. Image from Boxwood
Some cute Christmas decorations for your tree....from Aspen and Brown

Now these next two images are taken from a gorgeous Swedish blog, Granne med Selma which translates as "Neighbours with Selma".
Using google translation I could roughly work out that the little hearts on this tree were handmade by the owner of the blog, using tin plate that was soaked in 'spirit vinegar' for half and hour then sprayed with water. Clever!

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