Aussie Christmas

Christmas in summer must seem strange to those of you who live in the northern hemisphere, but to those of us born into it, warm weather and Christmas go hand in hand.

Lunch tends to be casual, often a great big buffet of seafood and cold foods, although I do like the traditional hot turkey lunch myself. And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a huge bowl of cherries to dip into.

Some people even head off to the beach for lunch, with a game of cricket afterwards to stave off the afternoon sleepies.

While others just have a barbie in the backyard, with champagne and beer in plentiful supply.

I'm loving this table setting here below - with the gum leaf table centrepiece and gum leaf star in the background. Very Australian! I have been looking for ages for a eucalyptus wreath, but no luck yet!

One day I hope to have a white Christmas. But in the meantime, I'll put on a summer dress and some thongs (translation: flip flops), help myself to a long cold drink and sit back and enjoy another warm Christmas Day.

Images from Tara Dennis, Viva Terra and Australian Better Homes and Gardens.

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