Teeny tiny tables

I adore little tables. I don't particularly know why. I like them best when they are simple and unassuming, with clean lines. Maybe I like them so much because they lend themselves to endless opportunities to create little 'vignettes' - a spot to place a few flowers in a cup, some shells, tealights or a framed photo of someone you love. Anyway, here are some of my favourites.

This first one is a butler's tray - I have a thing for butler's trays! I like how the boxes have been stacked up. I've had this picture for years, hence the picture is a little yellow and tatty.

Next up a lovely little metal table, from Nancy Fishelson. I adore metal tables.

Here is another metal table. This was featured in Australian Home Beautiful. The whole house has a gorgeous French feel to it. I love the letter too. I have a metal C in my kitchen on top of my cupboards.

Next up, a marble topped table from Appley Hoare. Its probably a little too girly for my house, but I still appreciate it.

An unusual metal table from Eva Lindh - I've never seen anything like this in the shops before.

This little table is from an old old magazine which no longer exists - Australian Mode. This table is (was) in the home of Aussie fashion-icon Maggie Taberrer. Now this is a woman with timeless style. I am going to post more about Maggie and her fabulous houses another day.

Just love this little bamboo table with the shells strewn around, from US Better Homes and Gardens.

Next up a simple, stylish little table from New Zealands Your Home and Garden.

This next one is so unusual. It reminds me of antique iron board, perhaps it is? And the buddha on top just adds to the beauty - I love a little touch of Asia.

Now here is one of my butler's tray. This one has a twin, but it was full of books and magazines - too messy to photograph!

And my table I bought a few weeks ago - a bargain buy at $75. I love a bargain. Nothing in my house is particularly expensive, but everything is chosen with care and love.

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