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A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of mirrors I liked. So now here are pictures of mirrors from my own home. I've run out of wallspace in my house now - so no more mirrors for me for the time being! However, I have been thinking of taking out the built in mirror in my bathroom and replacing it with a framed mirror....but it would have to be something hardy enough to withstand steam.

My first picture is of my 'meant-to-be-mirror' in my living room. When I first spied this mirror in a shop they had placed it with another mirror exactly the same (turned up on their sides) on a chocolate brown feature wall - very dramatic. I fell in love. But I turned away, as I couldn't really justify the expense at the time.

Nevertheless I kept thinking about the mirror and I knew exactly where I could hang it. So around the time of my birthday (when I can always count on my trusty family to give me some money in lieu of presents if I ask nicely) I went back and was devastated to find out that both mirrors were gone. I enquired at the shop and they told me they had one on layby, held by a lady in Darwin, but that if she didn't end up paying it off I could have it. So I gave them my phone number and waited...and sure enough, a few weeks later they rang me and I got it!

I love the carved detail

This next photo didn't turn out well, but these cute little silver mirrors are from a shop called Hot Chocolate Homewares where I have bought numerous things. These mirrors brighten up a fairly dark hallway.

This next mirror is quite unusual - it looks like wood but it is actually metal. It has a real weathered look and I find it very romantic. It is propped up on my chest of drawers in my bedroom (although no romance happens in here!).

The mirror above is my favourite. Another impulse buy. I bought it from a shop called Balhannah by Design, a fabulous shop in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. A day trip to the Adelaide Hills is not complete without a visit to this lovely little shop, jammed packed full of goodies. My mum and I used to have this ritual - we'd head up to BBD, stop off at the wonderful cafe called Cafe Lime for a chai latte and a devine choc cherry brownie, then head over to the apple stand just outside the town for fresh apples and maybe an apple crumble pie to take home. We still do this, but minus the brownie pitstop because Cafe Lime has sadly closed. If only I had asked them for their choc cherry brownie recipe!

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