More touches of red

The love affair with red continues....

A bunch of flowers and a striped red rug to make a fabulous laundry even more fabulous.

I know I never said I'd have red in a bedroom, but for these two sweet bedrooms, I could make an exception

This picture below inspired me to buy some red patterned cusions (even though I don't ever do patterns normally - I'm more of a texture girl).

I love vintage signs, and this one is totally fabulous. Don't particularly like the rest of the room, but how great would it be to eat dinner with this lovely cow keeping you company?

I love the combination of red, pink and grey cushions in this living room below. And I want a red and white quilt exactly like this - something to snuggle up with in winter. Even the little boy is colour coordinated.

And finally, not a room but a 'vignette' from Australian Country Style. Simply gorgeous from a talented stylist named Geraldine Munoz - she always creates great looks.

Some other day I will pop up some pictures of my own touches of red around my house.

Tonight I even had a 'red' dinner. A summer salad of tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and hard italian biscuit bread, all doused in olive oil and red wine vinegar. Yum yum.
Now I must head back to watching Taggart - I'm waiting for one of those Glaswegian detectives to announce "there's been a muhrrrdah!"

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