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Marcella Kaspar is a Prague-born artist who lives in Australia. She uses 17th century 'old masters' techniques of opaque layering and transparent glazing to create works of great beauty, conveying a play of light and dark.

She has a whole flower series, but I posted this magnolia painting because I love Magnolias - they are a real favourite of mine as I love their simple, elegant beauty (and the colour pink!).

....As are peonies. Isn't this painting just stunning in it's beauty?

If I had to describe Marcella Kaspar's artwork in a single word, that word would be 'luscious'.

You can see more of Marcella's work at her website
I would love one of her paintings - an absolutely huge one - dominating one entire wall.
Now, there's a reason why I posted about Marcella Kaspar directly after yesterday's post about Maggie Tabberer. I'll tell you about it later - stay tuned!

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