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Almost everyone in Australia would know Maggie Tabberer. She is an Australian fashion icon - a former model and Helmut Newton muse turned fashion editor of the Australian Women's Weekly Magazine. She's also a former Adelaide girl done good. Maggie is 71 and the picture above is recent - how fabulous does she look?

Today I'm hauling out some pictures from my style file of a home Maggie shared with former love Richard Zachariah (who turned out to be a bit of a cad, unfortunately). I think these pictures first appeared in Mode (now long gone) back in 1990.
The trunk, the white couches, sisal flooring, the huge candlestick - what's not to love here?

Whilst these pictures aren't of the best quality, and have yellowed somewhat, I think they demonstrate that Maggie's style is rather timeless.

I love Maggie's liberal use of white, her bold accessories, her lack of clutter and the earthiness of things like shells and cane. Remember this was at a time when most houses were full of the cottage look - think lots of pattern, knick knacks everywhere, lots of little ducks on placemats, fridge magnets, tea towells, floral wallpaper borders part way up the wall...shall I go on?. Yet Maggie stood above that all. Just check out these gorgeous chairs.

In 1991 Maggie wrote "A long time ago I made up my mind about what I really like. And in terms of interior decoration I see it being very similar to building a fashion wardrobe that makes an immediate statement about who you are. When you do buy something and you're confident it's what you like, that you're not being swayed by fashion whim or your best friend or some colour spread in a magazine, then you are being true to your own sense of style. Being true to your personal tastes, you will steadily develop an enduring inner confidence". Well said.
Another day I will post pictures of Maggie's stunning current home.

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