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I love houses with dormer windows (aka attic windows). These are the little windows in the rooftops of some houses, and I've always wanted a house of my own with these windows. I think two things in particular made me a fan of these windows. Firstly, watching too many American movies or tv series where someone went up to the attic and found some wonderful treasures in some long forgotten trunk. And secondly, dolls houses. As a little girl I was lucky enough to have my very own dollshouse with dormer windows. Until it got crushed by removalists when we moved house one time!

So the appeal of dormer windows is all wrapped up in some sort of romantic fantasy about dusty attics, discoveries and a childhood long gone.

Here's a few I'm sharing with you.

The first is from US Elle Decor, and is owned by two incredibly talented men who not only own this country estate (as well as a New York pad) and a beautiful antique store, but also run a luxury handbag company called Lambertson Truex. These guys have style. Couldn't you just imagine sweeping up to this place in your convertible?

Next up is a former plantation mansion on the tropical island of Mauritius, a former French Colony. It is called Maison Eureka. I have a better picture of this which I will post another day. Not only do I love its adorable row of dormer windows, but the wrap around verandah is fabulous. This place is a museum now, but I think it would make a fabulous five star hotel. Meet you for cocktails on the verandah at 5.
This picture below first appeared on the lovely Miss Millie's blog, This house is the work of Tom Scheerer and is a holiday home in the Bahamas no less. Millie has more pics of this fabulous little house on her blog.

Next up a bed and breakfast in Tasmania called "Mulberry Cottage". Love the combination of the stone with the white wooden cladding. Cute as a button.

This adorable house is from Atalanta homes magazine.

And finally, a house from Beach Studios. Loving the smart dark navy colour with the white accents. In fact, I just about fall in love with every navy house with white trims - I'm collecting photos of those for another post on another day. (So if you have any, please feel free to send them my way!) This photo proves that houses with dormer windows can be beachy too.

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