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When I'm flicking through a magazine the last thing I normally spend time on is looking at the ads. Ads, especially in house magazines are particularly bland and dull, I think. Nothing to inspire or get excited about.

But this advertisement made me stop. It is from furniture and electrical store Harvey Norman (big in Australia, but not usually my style). What really caught my eye in this image (below) is the wall art. If you click on the picture you can see a much larger image.

Ok, so the picture I've scanned in isn't great quality, but I love the wall art they have created with natural cast offs. It appears to me that they've taken what looks like an off cut from a palm tree - correct me if I'm wrong - that you can often buy these days from florists specialising in modern designs.

It looks like they've hammered in a couple of nails in to the wall and balanced the palm frond/leaf thing on them.

I've looked closely at what is in the palm leaves and decided they are some sort of sculptures made from cuttlefish bones. They seem to be wired together. Obviously I pored over this picture for ages!
Do you think I'm right? Have you ever seen anything like this before? I wonder if it would get stinky...

I tried googling cuttlefish bone art and cuttlefish bone scultpure and nothing came up that looked remotely like this.

Anyway, it took my fancy and I think it is a fabulous and innovative way to decorate your wall. Go Harvey Norman!

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