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Like many people obsessed with homes and interior design, I often watch movies somewhat distracted by the beautiful homes and sets. Practical Magic was one of those movies for me - and I'm sure I'm not the only one who became entranced. The exterior of this home is a real Victorian beauty and I loved the romantic soft gardens.

But what really captured my imagination in this movie is Sally's botanical beauty shop - Verbena. When I first hired this movie on DVD I slo-mo'd through the scenes in the shop, just so I could get a better look.

I love the crisp, pure look of the shop and the green and white colour scheme. The set designers went to a lot of trouble to carry this theme through the whole shop - green bottles, green pears, green and white labels and even Sally is colour coordinated in her green and white outfit!

I adore so many elements in this image (below). The botanical prints on the wall, the charming built in shelves, the neatness and orderliness of the jars and bottles, the ladder (the ladder!), the silver cup handles on the drawers, and the rustic wooden bowl holding the pears - I just love it all.

You can only see a glimpse of it here, below, but I love the antique set of scales, and also the tongue and groove panelling on the back of the built in units.

Look at all these gorgeous bottles!

I love the light, airiness of the shop.

All images from amas veritas

I often dream of owning a shop, and in my mind it looks something like Verbena (but it would be a homewares shop). The clean, fresh look of Verbena would be my inspiration. But in reality, I'm too fearful of giving up my regular-paying day job, especially when I have no experience and I know that owning any business is incredibly hard work. But still, it's a little dream I have, and I love to dream.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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