Gather around the table

Sleek, highly glossy tables have their purpose: you can check your teeth for spinach in them. But otherwise, give me a worn, gnarled old table any day.

I love tables that you aren't going to have a heart attack over if your two year old decides to play cars over the top of it. In fact, they are just adding to the character.

Or that you feel just as comfortable using as a craft table as you do serving dinner on it.

I love tables that wear their history with pride. You know that this table has served a family well over many years, and it shows every ding and dent.

Tables that you know are not just for show, but serve a purpose too. A place for homework, reading the paper, or rolling out some scones.

These are the sort of tables that your family and friends can relax at. They can chew the fat on these tables - in more ways than one.

I love strong, sturdy and solid tables, built to last.

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