If I had a beach house....

Like so many people, I dream of a house by the sea. Nothing too fancy. Just a little cottage a hop skip and a jump from the sand.

There'd be a great big living room, with huge picture windows facing the sea. I'd like a couple of big comfy white couches, and a fireplace for those wintry, brisk nights by the sea.

It would have a little quiet corner, for reading a book.

I'd like a large, well equipped kitchen, but nothing too fancy.

A great big table so I could comfortably entertain lots of friends or family. A great spot for board games too!

I'd want a buffet neatly stacked with all the things you need for entertaining the troupes.

A spare but comfortable main bedroom, with a vintage bed and crisp ticking bedding. Somewhere to snuggle down while listening to the waves.

A fun dormitory for all the kids.

A simple, yet luxurious bathroom.

I'd make sure there'd be lots of little of life necessities around, like french olive oil soap and thick white fluffy towels.

In fact, I'd make sure there were lots of little thoughtful touches, including flowers and candles.

Shells, of course.

Little lighthouses.

More shells, and some old bottles.

It's nice to dream isn't it?

Hope you enjoyed sharing my dream.

Best wishes,

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