Current book obsession

Not only am I obsessed with home decorating and design magazines, I also love books dedicated to the same subject. I have quite a few at home, and also have a rather large 'wishlist' of more that I want to buy.

I love finding a quiet moment to pick out a favourite home decorating book out of my collection, then poring over the pictures and being inspired by the design.

Here are some beautiful pictures from one my very favourite books, Coastal Style.

The book has many interior and exterior images of seaside homes.

I just love this idea below....a group of white feathers loosely bound by an old rope.

I wonder if this painting is an old thriftshop lucky find....

What a great way to show a collection of beach pebbles. Sea glass would look fantastic too.

Coral and shells in a large glass still my beating heart!

This little boat looks like its sailed around the world a few times....

If you like these photos, you should stop what you are doing right now and go buy this book! It is filled with so many more beautiful images. The photography is by the talented Paul Massey, whose own beautiful home I posted recently, here.

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