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I recently discovered a brilliant article by Debbie Dusenberry, owner of the retail homewares store Curious Sofa in Kansas.

Here's the start of the article:

"There’s no neutral ground when it comes to a neutral palette: You either love it or hate it. Some people walk into an all-white room and sink into the sofa, put their feet up and say, “Ahhh, I’m in heaven.” Others look around and wonder why everything seems so bland and colorless".

I'm definitely in the 'in heaven' camp. Soothing neutrals, restful whites and calm creams are my loves. However, my dear mum is definitely in the second camp. She comes into my house, stares wistfully into space and says to me "If only it had a little colour, Catherine". In fact, I think it is for my mum, and my mum only, that I relented and added red touches to my home. (She also tells me to learn ballroom dancing so I can meet men, but you have to draw the line somewhere).

Anyway, I urge to you read the article (click here) - it is virtual 'how to' on texture - which is my favourite feature in a room. Give me sisal, metal, wood, the soft, the smooth and the rough, and I'm happy. Debbie Dusenberry's own living room, shown above, is a perfect example. For more of Debbie's work, check out her blog Curious Sofa Diaries.

Then after you've read it, tell me what camp you're in!

Now did you read my post last week on Atlanta Bartlett? Well I was emailed by Ryland Peters & Small to let me know that hopefully they will have a limited number of signed copies of Easy Elegance available on the website soon - so keep your eye out! They have also started their own blog http://rylandpeters.blogspot.com which I think will provide lots of sneak peaks into their latest lovely new books.

Best wishes,

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