Eww to ahh

This lovely tranquil spot above, used to look like this (below). What I like most about this transformation is that they haven't seemed to have made any structural changes, just got rid of all the 'stuff' and repainted and resanded the floors, then added in some lovely vintage pieces including a reclaimed fireplace, just casually propped up. Even I could do that. All you need is a place that is solid, not too old and has 'good bones'.

In the same home, this very red living room becomes.....

....this! So much lighter and brighter. They just used loads of white paint and refurbished some flea market finds. Superb!

For more before and after images from this lovely home, go here.

I've been getting itchy feet lately. I'm longing for a little place that I can turn from 'eww' to 'ahh'. I love my home, but I want a challenge! So I trawled the net today for a look at what is available in my price range, which isn't much given that I would need to put money aside for the horrendous stamp duty, as well as a renovation budget.
I have my eyes set on a suburb just a couple of kilometres away from where I live - it's closer to my son's school and a little more of a pleasant neighbourhood (but not much more). My search on the net quickly revealed I could only afford a tiny two bedroom unit in this suburb - ie a major step down from my light-filled, modern three bedroom home, albeit in a slightly more downbeat neighbourhood.
So I guess I'll just stay put in my current home for a little while longer and just keep looking at other people's before and afters!
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