East meets west....in my home

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was spent with my little man and we had a lovely time. I have been very happy, as he managed to get through his first week back at school this term without getting into any trouble! Yay!

Anyway, last week I posted about how much I like Asian touches in a home, here. So now I'm posting some pictures of my own Asian pieces I have around my house.

First up, my little Buddha head, which I've posted about before, because it was a bargain buy from a discount store.

Then there's my antique Chinese table, which was also a bargain buy as it was 50 per cent off. It caught my eye from the moment I saw it, but it was too expensive for me. I waited patiently for months, going back to the store from time to time to see if was still there, then one day, finally, it was on sale and I snapped it up. It fits this little corner in my hallway perfectly. I'm always changing the stuff that sits on top of it.

This next little table sits under my plantation shutters in my bedroom and holds a rustic wooden container filled with shells. Again, this table was a steal and it adds a bit of colour and texture in my all white room.

Above my bed sits my first ever Asian antique - a beautifully carved Chinese screen. I always struggle to find large scale artwork that (a) I love and (b) can afford, so using this screen as 'art' was a great solution for me. I love big bold things on walls that make a statement. Large and dramatic!

Lastly I have an antique rice carrier which looks exactly like this one. I forgot to take a picture of mine in the daylight, so this photo had to do! Currently mine holds fruit and sits on top of my microwave, but I've also been known to use it to hold toilet paper in my bathroom.

I also have my eye on an absolutely gorgeous Asian trunk that I've seen in a store here, but I don't really have a spot for it, so I keep telling myself no. I really do try and stick to the principal of only buying things I need, love and have room for, but this trunk is tempting me. I shall endeavour to stay strong!
Enjoy your week.
Best wishes,

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