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I think trunks are a great addition to any room. Whether they are leather, wood or cane, they add texture and character. They are great for stowing away the 'stuff' we don't necessarily want out for all to see - I'm thinking cushions, throw rugs, magazines and toys (but be careful of little fingers!). They also make great coffee tables so they are a real all rounder.
I've got two trunks in my home - one of them is a wooden one and was the first antique I ever bought. My boyfriend at the time and I picked it up in his orange Combi Van many moons ago. The other trunk is a cane one which sits in my son's bedroom. Both are full of toys - but only large things like board games and cricket bats - I learnt the hard way that small stuff just falls to the bottom and mixes up with other small stuff to turn into one big mess!
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