Make your own jar labels

Well, I didn't spend my entire Easter eating chocolate, as tempting as that was. There was some quality family time, a movie (see my review in the sidebar), lunch out. And I finished off a little crafting.

Here's what I did:


Labels for my kitchen staples!

Here are the jars before their labels were attached:


I created the labels using Microsoft Word and then printed them out onto sheets of label paper. I then cut the labels out with a paper punch.


And voila!


And here’s a closeup….


I'm a terribly messy cook, so no doubt they will have my sticky finger marks all over them soon, but then I can always print out another set!

My inspiration for these labels? The wonderful world of bloggers, of course! The super stylish Seleta of Simply Seleta made some amazing gifts for the students in one of her children's class - Martha would have been proud - using super cute little labels that she made herself, see here. Seleta, in turn, was inspired by Darby of Fly Though My Window, who gave some brilliant step-by-step instructions for creating round labels using Word here.

So using the counsel of these two bloggers, I created my own labels on Word. Not bad for someone who's never even used the 'draw' function ever before! However, I admit I did have some help from the wonderful Fiona when I got stuck a couple of times! Thanks Fi!

In the spirit of these ladies, who so generously shared their ideas, you can download my labels for yourself here. (By the way, if this link doesn’t work, email me and I’ll send you the link directly!). Then you can play around with them so that the labels suit your own pantry staples. If you don't have the font FG Jasmine 2 they may look a bit strange when you open the document, in which case change the font or you can buy Jasmine here, however there are some similar handwriting fonts that you can get for free.

And speaking of Fiona, please go check out the amazing Easter craft she made, here – it is absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter with your loved ones.

Best wishes,

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