Maybe I'm crazy, but...

In my last post I showed you a photo of one of my newly slip-covered couches. They look very white in the photo, but in reality, they are more of a creamy white.

But still, some people must think I'm crazy having white couches, especially as I live with a seven year old little bundle of energy who loves to jump on the couches at every opportunity (and I do mean jump!).

But to me, white couches make perfect sense.

For starters, they provide such a calm, neutral base to a room.

They can make a room look bigger, lighter and brighter than it actually is, much like white paint. I have a small living area, but because it is light-filled and pale, it looks pretty spacious.

But one of the best reasons for white couches is that you can have fun switching your accessories to create completely different looks - because seriously, is there ANY colour that doesn't go with white? That appeals to the commitment-phobe in me!

White couches look fantastic with calm blues....

...zingy reds....

....glamourous greys and silvers....

....and pretty pastels (my current favourite!). I'm coveting that ottoman too by the way!

And with a neutral couch as a base, you can go a bit wild with your walls if you want. I adore this gigantic artwork by Marcella Kaspar, who I've posted about before.

But THE best thing about white couches? For me, it's the fact that with slip covers, you can throw your covers in the wash time and time again, soak them in bleach or Napisan even, without fear of fading. And you can get basic white cotton material for covers pretty cheaply too!

So with white slip covered couches, kids jumping on couches is definitely not out of the question!

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