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Forgive if me if I go on about mirrors. But to me they are such a great choice for decorating your walls. Original art is usually out of my price range (at least the art I want!) but you can pick up mirrors at a reasonble cost, and the right mirror can add as much beauty and originality as a a piece of art.


Currently, I’m favouring mirrors casually leaned/propped up against the wall. It looks more informal than a proper ‘hanging’. I keep seeing them everywhere.

mirror appley

Granted, a full length mirror casually propped up against the wall would be a potential hazard, especially if you have small children hurtling around the place. But still, I’m sure you could secure them to the wall discreetly (the mirrors that is, not the children!).

amersterdam homes and gardens uk


f. vasseur

They look great propped up on tables too, like here below.  I love the imperfections of the rubbed off parts of the mirror – beautiful!

antique mirror paul massey


This is such a sweet little vignette below, a study in blue and white.

simply white mirror sweet paul

This is my one and only mirror that I have leaning.  It’s in my bedroom, and in this picture the mirror is decorated for Christmas with a banner my friend Fiona and I made (‘how to’ details on that are coming up on Fiona’s blog shortly). I’m on the look out for another mirror that I can prop up on my hall table. DSC_0127

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I also want to say a big thank you to those of you who read my blog, but in particular I send my gratitude to those of you who so kindly and generously comment – you always make my day and inspire me.  Thank you!

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