Tall dark and handsome

I've had a tall dark and handsome man in my life, but that didn't work out too well (except for producing one fabulous child)...so I think I'll just stick to tall dark and handsome houses from now on.

I've always loved white houses, and will forever, but these dark beauties are just so tempting.

Lush life home garden

This home is located in beautiful Palm Beach in New South Wales and is available for rent.


Here is the Dutch Colonial home of Henk and Saskia Teunissen who run the successful interiors company, Rivièra Maison. The inside of this house is just as fabulous, and has been featured on many blogs.

This one below is covered in shingles, and says 'very east coast of USA' to me. Think Hamptons or somewhere similar.

Real Living

This is an Aussie one, featuring a lovely large verandah...heaven!

Australian Country Style

A delightful European house, with lots of french doors and colonial style windows. I imagine this as being on the edge of a little forest!


A dark house with dormer windows, what more could I want?

Beach Studios

Besides their dark colour, you've probably noticed that the common theme with all these pictures is that all the trims are painted white, making them contrast nicely with the rest of the house. Love it!
Now it is going to be a stinking hot 43C (109.4F) here in Adelaide tomorrow, so I don't think that I'll be painting my house this dark anytime soon, it's way too impractical given our extreme heat, but I can dream can't I?

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