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In my dream house, I have a huuuge laundry. At the moment I have a little matchbox laundry (ie smaller than a shoebox). It's serviceable enough, clean, and it certainly beats going to a laundromat, so for that I'm most grateful. But in my dreams, I'm not having to edge my way sideways through this room (if you could call it a room) just to get to the door to outside each time I hang my washing.

I've seen this laundry (below) on a number of blogs (I'm sorry, I not sure where I first got these photos from) but I look at it and think this is pure laundry heaven. Here is a room big enough to hold parties in. A large table (a trestle!) to fold washing on, beautiful built in cabinetry....

Here's the view from the other side of the room. Is it sad to be totally in love with a laundry? Am I really that domesticated that I ooh and ahh over this matching stainless steel triple set of washing machine and dryer? Does anyone else share my enthusiasm?

How gorgeous are the jars filled with washing powder? I wonder if it REALLY looks like that, or if that was just for the purpose of the picture.

Being practical, and always striving to be organised, I'm loving these twin dirty linen baskets (below) in pull out cupboards - ingenious. One for lights, one for darks. I have this arrangement at home, but in my walk in wardrobe, using a two drawer cane cabinet. I have trained my son to separate the lights and darks...his future wife is going to thank me one day.

Now this pull-out ironing board below is my idea of heaven. I'm one of these terrible people that only irons as I need something - I'm not one to do a stack of ironing at a time, much to my mother's horror! So this ironing board that you can easily pull in and out as you need would be perfect - at the moment my ironing board stands constantly at the ready in my laundry, constantly getting in my way!


If these cupboard below were re-painted white, I'd be claiming this laundry as my own. Check out the zinc benchtop, the bountiful light and the washing machine hidden behind doors. Who says a laundry can't be beautiful?

Better Homes and Gardens via The Inspired Room

Even all your laundry powders and other everyday laundry objects can be beautiful, if you so wish it. Elevate the ordinary, make it a touch special. Like this....put your laundry powders and liquids in glass jars, coralled in a lovely wooden box...

or this....replace plastic pegs with old style wooden pegs in hold them in a wire peg basket....

....and this... ditch the plastic laundry basket for wicker. I got mine from Target years ago, and it has outlasted ten plastic washing baskets.

So one day I will have a laundry the size of a roller skating rink, with built in cabinetry, but in the meantime I'll just keep collecting photos for the architect...

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