Give me a sign, any sign

One of the things I love most about decorating is the thrill of the chase. When I have something in mind, I love to go out searching, ever hopeful that I will find that perfect piece that I have so clearly in my mind.

One of those things I hope to find one day is a vintage salvaged sign.

I would love an old, weathered sign, full of character and charm that I could place on a wall as art.

I think there would be a huge amount of luck and serendipity in finding the right sign - the right amount of weathered-ness, the right colour, the right size, the right price....everything must fall oh-so-perfectly into place.

I love thinking about their history, wondering where they came from, what function they used to perform.

Usually cheaper than original art, and so much for meaningful than a print, I think signs can add colour, interest and originality to a room.

I love the typography in this graphic black and white sign tucked under a console, below.

This great big old advertising sign adds colour and a dash of humour.

Not sure if this is really vintage (below), but I love its mellow, warm colours.

Signs particularly appeal to me because of my love of typography.

This sign below was a lucky roadside find. How fabulous!

This (below) is not actually a sign, but artwork based on a sign - the next best thing I guess!

One day maybe I'll find a sign I love. In the meantime, I'm having fun searching one out. You never know your luck!

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