Thank you thank you thank you

The year has only just begun and already I have lots of people to thank for their generosity.

Firstly - although she is probably going to cringe when she see this, as she is rather modest and humble - thank you to my friend Fiona for creating my new blog title. I gave Fiona a bit of a brief (keep the shell picture, use a handwriting style font, and put in a little doflicky to make it pretty) and she just picked that up and ran with it. I spent the day with Fiona on Saturday as she showed me the ropes of Photoshop and we put the finishing touches on the blog title. Fiona is incredibly talented and would make a fabulous magazine art director or graphic designer for a big ad agency. Perhaps she could go in to the business of making blog titles?

Here's Fiona's own blog title, her own design of course. If you click on the link it will take you to Fiona's blog, which is kind of new.

A big thank you to Dagny from Beautiful Living for giving me a blog award. If you haven't already done so, please check out Beautiful Living from Norway - many many gorgeous pictures to ooh and ahh over as you watch the progress of Dagny's house renovations. Now I'm supposed to send this award on, but I'm feeling rather shy. So I'll do a bit of a cop out and say that all the blogs which I regularly visit and comment on (and you know who you are!) deserve an award, so please consider it yours.
And last but not least, a big thank you to Desire to Inspire for featuring me in their 'holiday reading guide'. I've had lot of new visitors since, which is fabulous because I've gone on to visit some other great blogs via the comments that people have left.

Thank you lovely ladies!

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