Snow in summer

No, we are not having some crazy global warming weather phenomenon. I'm talking about snowy white bedlinen. I simply love classic, crisp, snowy white bedlinen! Give me any bedlinen as long as it is white.

I have had my white quilt/duvet cover for over eleven years now. Yes that's right, eleven years. And I still love it. It is pure white in a damask material, which gives it a bit of interest. I've found that buying classic, quality basics for my house in neutral colours always works best for me - timeless pieces that last for years that I can update with new accessories if I want. For this same reason I have white couches (with washable covers, of course).

The only problem with my quilt/duvet cover is that, after many washes, it has worn threadbare in the top right hand corner (the side where I sleep!).

So sadly, reluctantly, I went on a search for new quality bedlinen, in what else, but white. I searched high and low and found some lovely products, but all oh so expensive. I like to buy quality, but price is always a factor too. I like to buy well, but carefully. Then I stumbled on this fabulous company on the Internet.

This is a New Zealand company selling classic, high quality bedding products, for very reasonable prices. And available to Australians via the Internet!

Here's a sample of their wares

Below is the quilt/duvet cover I bought. It is made of thick matelasse cotton with a paisley floral design, for some textural interest.

Having never bought homewares off the Internet before, I was rather nervous, as I like to see and feel something before I buy (that's half the fun!), but nevertheless I took the plunge.

It was delivered promptly, in a lovely, free drawstring laundry bag. So far so good.

I took it out and noticed the quality is good, and the pattern is lovely.

And the end result was one happy me! Here you see it with my silver velvet cushions. Ok, I know you can hardly notice any difference to my last quilt cover, but hey, if you are on to a good thing, stick to it!

Snowy white perfection

Here it is with my raw silk pink cushions. That's the beauty of neutral bedlinen - you can add all sorts of accessories according to your mood. I will never get sick of this cover. Like my old one, I'm sure it will wear out through years of use.

So - new year, new bedlinen!

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