A small piece of perfection

Whilst happily skipping from blog to blog the other day, I happened to come across a picture that I instantly fell in love with. So much so, that today's blog is devoted solely to this one picture!

I found this picture via Visual Vamp, a blog that is new to me.

This picture features on the front cover of a book about homes in Key West in USA. The picture is the exterior of the home of interior designer Michael Pelkey, who is a friend of Valorie of Visual Vamp.

So why do I love this picture so? Well for starters, there's lashings of white. Even when my interest in interiors was still burgeoning, my tastes veered towards white, and my love for it has got more stronger and more constant over the years. I'm not one of those people who suddenly has the urge to paint walls yellow. A dash of colour via pictures or cushions is enough to satisfy me.

Secondly, this picture features seashells and coral - two of my most favourite decorative things. Their natural beauty and simplicity never ceases to amaze me, and besides, they add textural interest to a room. I never get sick of them. In fact, I bought a box of pure white shells today! Can you see the row of white shells along the verandah ballister? A lovely touch.

Then there's the weathered wood of the oar. I love the warmth that wood brings to a room (or in this case a front porch) and the older, more battered the wood the better - it brings a sense of history, texture and some contrast to all the white. This same colour is carefully repeated in the stool or pedestal holding more coral and shells.

I'd love to see the interior of Michael Pelkey's home - I'm intrigued to know if the white tranquility continues inside the front door, or if it is a complete contrast. If you have this book, perhaps you could let me know!

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