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I have a rather bad habit of going shopping with something specific in mind, only to come home with something completely different. Take the day I went looking for a floor lamp - I came home with an order for two couches.

On the weekend I went looking for a little cupboard. It's on my list of decorating projects for the year 2009, which I've posted about previously. I frequent a particular auction house that sells old stuff, usually dirt cheap. I had no luck with a cupboard, but I spied this little beauty (below). I love anything industrial/vintage, so this old Underwood typewriter had my heart beating a little faster. The auction house believes it will sell for between $30 and $60, so I put in an absentee bid for $30. I don't think I'll get it with such a ridiculously low bid, but that was all I would allow myself to bid considering (a) it was a complete impulse buy and (b) I have no idea where on earth I'm going to put it if I'm the successful bidder. But you never know your luck sometimes.

Perhaps I could set it up in a corner of my desk, like this:

( I'm not sure where this picture came from - if it's yours, please let me know)

Meanwhile the search for a little white cupboard continues....

While on the subject of my decorating projects, there is one thing I can cross off this list now. I was looking for an underbed storage box to turn into a wrapping station, like this:

Image Better Homes and Gardens

This is my version. All my wrapping bits and bobs in the one spot, and no more rolls of wrapping paper tumbling out my wardrobe when I open up the doors!

I hope you had a great weekend.

Wish me luck with the typewriter.....

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