Deconstructing the tree

Stage one of the Christmas tree deconstruction began today: removal and storage of ornaments. Stage two: lights and actual tree disassembly will happen tomorrow - you can't rush these things you know, especially when you have an 8 foot high tree.

Being a fresh year and all, I like to think that I'm going to be super organised and on top of things, so I decided to go a little bit Martha and store my ornaments properly.

Ok, I didn't go so far as to hot glue gun paper cups to cardboard, but I did dig out some egg cartons for my new delicate heart ornaments, which didn't come in a box of their own. So now they're nestled in their little carton, all safe and sound.

Another Martha idea is to wrap your lights around pieces of cardboard, like so: I like this idea, because detangling lights does not bring out the festive spirit in me, in fact there was a little bit of swearing going on this year, which is not very Christmas-ey at all. But I think my lights are way to long for this idea, so I've decided to go with the idea of wrapping them around an old postage tube instead. I'm interested in knowing if this works, but I guess I won't know until next year when I go to unwrap them. Have you tried it? Please tell me if it works.
But I did use Martha's idea for my beaded garland instead. Only thing is I think I should have used a longer piece and wrapped it wider apart. Oh well, next year!

Still in organising mode, I'm thinking of creating an under-bed wrapping station, like the one in the picture below. I'm tired of opening my cupboard in the study and all the rolls of wrapping paper tumbling out, so this might be just the trick, with little compartments for ribbons and such. I'm the sort of person who files her guarantees and instruction booklets alphabetically, so any little nifty organising idea appeals to me.

If you haven't braved the deconstruction of your tree yet, I wish you good luck!
Images from Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens and me

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