Cooling green

We felt the full force of summer here in Adelaide today. While Europe and Northern America shivers, we swelter. It reached a top of 41.3 degrees celsuis (106 degrees F).

Even now, past 8.00pm in the evening, it is a sizzling 38 degrees. My son eats an icecream on a stick while I have a long tall glass of water by my side, full of ice. This weather has me yearning for a much cooler day, sitting in a serene and soothing lush green garden.

I love this little covered garden seat, nestled into its greenery. A secret little nook. I could imagine sitting here with a good book and a glass of lemonade.
Chris L Jones

What appeals to me about all of these gardens featured in this post is their classical good looks, the minimal use of colour, with the emphasis on the form of the plants and the garden architecture - think archways, benchseats, trelliswork and stylish paving.

Country Style

Country Style

I love this little private walkway, ending with a lovely benchseat.

I don't know why, but I have a thing for diamond pattern paving. I have this sort of paving in my garden. Clipped hedges are also 'my thing'.
Australian Better Homes and Gardens

And finally, to really cool everything down completely, one of my favourite images ever...

Claire Takacs

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