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Ah Friday afternoon and my work for the week is done! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead of you. Tomorrow in Adelaide it is going to be 37 degrees celsius (that's almost 99 degrees fahrenheit) and summer isn't even here yet! So no plans for gardening for me tomorrow. I am however going to a 'Girls Night In' tomorrow night. This is raising money for cancer charities - the idea is to get a group of girls together for a fun night at home, and the money that you would normally spend on a night out you donate instead. Good concept isn't it?

My pictures for today are inspired by lilly-g. Judy posted some lovely pictures of her gorgeous Lilly's bedroom. It reminded me that I had some pictures tucked away of little girls rooms, 'just in case' I ever become a mother to a daughter. That's not likely to happen, but I still keep them! To see Lilly's room go to

I can't remember where these pictures came from, but I do love them. That padded bedhead with the striped fabric is lovely. And isn't the little girl in the second picture so lucky to have her own little adorable play kitchen?
I have a similar chair and table set for my son from Ikea. Actually, I have a cute story about that. I painted the table and chairs white and rubbed them down for a 'rustic' look. One day I asked one of my mum's lovely neighbours to fix one of the chairs, which had a broken leg. Not only did he fix it, but he also gave it another coat of white paint, because it was 'looking a bit shabby'. I didn't have the heart to tell him that was the look I was trying to achieve!

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