My soda syphon is famous

Every now and again I see something that immediately grabs my eye and suddenly and desperately cannot do without, despite the fact that I've been living for 39 years quite nicely without it. One of these things was an elegantly shaped antique soda syphon I discovered one day in One Rundle Trading (yes, that shop again). I had to have it. Here it is, taking pride of place in my hallway.

Then one day not long afterwards I spied a soda syphon the very same as mine on the front cover of Australian Country Style. So my soda syphon is famous! Look!

The owner of my soda syphon's twin is an antique dealer named Simon Robinson who lives in Lismore, New South Wales. He has a wonderful eye for things and his home is full of lovely little treasures. It is serenely white - my favourite as always - so here are some more photos from his home. Would love to visit his shop one day if I am ever in his neck of the woods.

I love buttons. And he collects Eiffel Towers!

Oh and just so you don't think I buy everything from One Rundle Trading, my little buddha sitting on the same table as my syphon is from Sam's Warehouse (a cheap store here in Adelaide) that cost me $12. He's my bargain buddha.

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