From my style file...first photos

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the poor quality of these photos. They are scanned from my 'style file' . Every time I find a picture in a magazine of a house or room I love, I pull it out and stick it in my style file. I've been doing this for some time now and the file is so thick I'm going to have to start a new one.

The first photo I ripped out of a magazine waaaaaay back in 1984 when I was just a wee young thing. I was living and going to school in the United States at the time. I think I took the picture from Country Home or Country Living - whichever existed at the time. I brought this picture all the way back home to Australia with me and have kept it for all these years. Tastes have changed and the photo is a little dated, but I still love the look of blue and white and wood. I keep it as it reminds my of my time in the US.

The second photo amazes me - I took this from Australian Vogue Living in 1985 - can you believe it? If you get your magnifying glass out you can see the date of the magazine on the bottom of the page. I think this room still stands up today as a fantastic room. I think this photo launched my love affair with a simple, natural style of decorating, and my passion for white. When I think of the 1980's I tend to think of loud colours and bad taste, but this picture proves it wasn't all like that.

From time to time I'll post other pictures from my style file.

Catherine xx

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